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Hello, how are you? I’m glad you got here.

Rio is one of the most pleasant cities of Brazil to discovery/explore in a bike. Take a breath! Slow Bike Tour is a chance to discover the city cycling slowly and visit places thats out of popular tourist guides. It’s a deep experience in city culture and a real connection with the local life.

Hi, my name is Fábio and I have been a tour guide since 2009. I am bike lover and one of my favorites hobbies is show my city by cycling. Of course, I do it as a job, but I believe the world can be a better place when people do your own work as a hobby. I really believe in it!

Slow Bike Tours offers a Rio’s very deep experience. In a world where everything is fast, slowing down is a way of taking care of the mind, of the body and letting life flow like the wind that comes from the sea.

Slow Bike Tours is one of the way I found to support Pedalentos, an initiative I Founded, in 2012, to Share Slow Bike Life Style and promote a better life quality and sustainability awareness.

The Bike Trips are easy and anyone can do. In fact, if you do not know how to cycling, I can teach you or we can use a tandem bicycle.

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